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How To Supercharge Your Creative Power

 Adapting the 12 Steps for Artist Growth & Self Discovery

New Group Starts September 27, 2023

Only 3 spots left!

What is Reflect, Create, Transform! 

Reflect Transform Create is a 12-week artistic odyssey designed to amplify your creative power and uncover your authentic self.


Led by Skip Sams, a seasoned artist, musician, and certified coach, this program is rooted in the original 12 Steps but tailored for your unique creativity and artistic expression. It's a transformative experience that guides you in embracing your inner artist, shattering creative barriers, and reimagining the life you desire.


Through guided sessions, personal exploration, and collaborative projects, you'll conquer self-doubt and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


Whether you're a seasoned creator or just beginning your creative voyage, Reflect Transform Create offers a vibrant community and proven techniques to supercharge your creativity and enrich your life.


No prior experience with the 12 Steps is needed; we welcome everyone who seeks to harness their creative potential and cultivate a life they love.


  • Engage in 9 impactful group coaching sessions.

  • Experience a 12-week journey guided by Coach Skip.

  • Benefit from 2 private, one-on-one sessions for personalized support.


  • Connect within our exclusive Facebook community.

  • Network and collaborate with fellow musicians and artists.

  • Share experiences and gain valuable insights through peer support.


  • Embrace Weekly Creative Challenges to spark innovation.

  • Explore a variety of artistic mediums to expand your horizons.

  • Bring your unique project to life with expert guidance.


  • Show your work in a nurturing, safe environment.

  • Apply your artistic breakthroughs to life beyond creativity.

  • Conquer creative obstacles and break through self-imposed boundaries.


Meet Your Coach

Skip Sams

Skip Sams is the Founder and Head Coach of The Creative Purpose Project™. He is an award-winning composer and multimedia producer. Skip has over 16 years of recovery from crystal meth, alcoholism, and bipolar disorder. In 2004, he was diagnosed with HIV. For over a decade, Skip has been defying these diagnoses and helping musicians and performing Artis who have lost their technical skills, disconnected from their inner music, and whose spark of creativity has gone dark. His mission is to help 10,000 musicians share their light and hope of recovery through 10,000 recordings and 10,000 performances by 2030. Skip last smoked a joint on April 19th, 2006, making his sobriety date 4/20.


My Mission

I help empower musicians and artists in recovery who struggle with being creative without the use of mind-altering substances by reclaiming and expanding their technical skills; restoring connection to a higher source of creativity and reigniting their spark to light up the whole world again.

Concrete Wall

It's Your Time To Shine

In this innovative program, you will connect with your inner artist and

discover creativity you were not even aware existed.

Identify the purpose of your talents & your dreams

Prioritize the projects that are the most important NOW

 Create the space to create
physically and mentally

Free your voice and express your authentic self

Move past the writer blocks and into productive action

Transform self-sabotage into self-confidence

Develop a mindset to finish what you've started

Discover a creative process that brings your work to life 

Devise a solid action plan to actualize your dreams



As An Added


Register now and receive two bonus

private coaching sessions!

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