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"I have social anxiety, but when I first met Skip, I was able to open up right away because he resonated with love, kindness, and compassion.


After telling Skip that I had been diagnosed with cancer four months earlier, I knew I had to change all of my ways of dealing with life, BUT had no clue how to go about it. Skip told me that he was a Coach and that he could assist me with those changes.  In my mind, I said, "yeah, right…sure, but don’t think so!”  Since 15 years of age, I had gone through different types of therapies but none worked.  While this was the chatter in my brain, the thought that Skip had so quickly given me a sense of being safe to tell him so much of my story already, I agreed to this new method with him.

Now, to fast forward to three months that have gone by since I started working with Skip, I must say what a life-changing experience his coaching has brought to me.  I was not only lost spiritually and emotionally, but I did not know who I was. I had felt fragmented, very distrusting, and angry, with low self-esteem and ultimately hopeless.  Hopeless to even understand and know how to do the changes I knew I needed to do to help my body get strong to have a better outcome of my physical challenge.


In working with Skip as a Life Coach, I have been able to reduce my social anxiety by a minimum of 80% percent.  For the other 20%, I know that “breathing in” hope, courage, commitment to change, and a desire to accept ALL those pieces in me, really calms me down. Unlike conventional therapy, working with Skip has empowered me to look into myself for the answers to what emotional and spiritual is afflicting me. My family and friends have also noticed my changes asking me what have I done so that I seem more peaceful, willing to interact with others, more confident, and present.  I am very thankful for that day that destiny brought me a Life Coach who has allowed me to WELCOME change!"

Dr. Gloria S., Miami, FL

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